Sauna Kits - What's Available?

Types of sauna kits

Sauna Kits

Sauna kits offer a simple way to bring the health-enhancing benefits of a sauna into your home and give you a relaxing alternative to going to the gym or health club after a hard day's work.

People have been relaxing in saunas and steam rooms since Roman times, and today they are as popular as ever. A home sauna is the perfect place to relax and soothe aching muscles at the end of a demanding day.

Types of sauna kits

There are a wide range of portable sauna kits on the market, from one-person units that you can set up virtually anywhere in your house to saunas big enough for the whole family. There are also many self-build kits which can be assembled in a permanent spot.

Multi-sectional modular sauna kits manufactured by companies such as Amerec come pre-fabricated and are simple to assemble. The kits are designed to be easily constructed but you can save a lot of money by installing them yourself if you are handy with tools.

This type of kit contains everything you will need from the walls, the ceiling, the benches and thermometer to the sauna heater and the rocks.

There are a number of other different kits available too, and the one you choose depends largely on your circumstances. The best choice for couples and those living alone would probably be a modular kit. These are small, portable and come in two halves that screw together and can be assembled almost anywhere.

The two-piece modular kits can come mounted on castors that enable you to move the sauna easily from room to room. Some of these contain built-in stereo speakers so you can drift off to the sound of dolphin song or whatever it is that helps you to relax. Because they are so small, they heat up quickly, keeping bills down.

There are also a range of personal saunas on the market which have the appearance of walk-in cupboards that can be easily installed in your house. The ceiling and wall sections come pre-assembled and are easy to install.

Whether you want a sauna big enough for the whole family or are happy to settle for something a little more modest that does the job of relaxing you equally well, there are sauna kits available to suit everybody's needs.

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