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Sauna Heaters

Saunas are becoming ever more popular as a means of relaxation and as an effective way to improve health. Studies have shown that taking a regular sauna improves circulation and clears the body of the toxins we accumulate in day-to-day modern life.

Sauna heaters are at the heart of the operation. These days the elements are usually electrical.

The heater warms up the rocks to a sufficient temperature before water is poured over them, producing 'loyly' or a kind of 'soft' steam which helps the body to relax and perspire.

Some advantages of electric sauna heaters

Traditional saunas are heated by wood-burning stoves, but today electric heaters are far more common, mainly because they are cleaner and easier to manage.

One of the main advantages of electric heaters is that the temperature can be regulated via the thermostat, which is usually located outside the sauna, although certain models have built-in controls with timers. The temperature of the sauna and the duration is pre-selected beforehand, making it safer for families with children..

Most sauna heaters are wall-mounted and are easy to install, although some models are free-standing. Many include safety features such as cages that are mounted over the rocks to stop children harming themselves. They usually have baked enamel exteriors which remain relatively cool to the touch and lessen the likelihood of getting burned.

Electric sauna heaters are more user-friendly than their wood-burning counterparts. It's much easier to just set the timer and the temperature and sit down and relax in the soothing steam than it is to start fiddling with wood and matches. But if you have plenty of patience and a desire for Scandinavian authenticity then you're probably better off with a wood-burning stove.

Popular manufacturers

Today the sauna industry is a thriving business as saunas in the home are becoming ever more popular. There are many manufacturers and products on the market. Here are a few well-known brands:

Finlandia makes a range of quality sauna products known for their longevity and reliability, from stoves to pre-assembled kits and accessories.

Tylo is a Swedish company which has been in the sauna business for years, making high-quality stoves, pre-cut sauna kits and a whole range of sauna-related accessories.

Spartan Sauna Heaters has been in business since 1953 making a range of quality heaters and accessories.

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