Benefis of Saunas - Improve your Health & Wellbeing

Relaxing and therapeutic effects

Benefits of Saunas

For thousands of years now different cultures have known about the benefits of saunas, especially their relaxing and therapeutic effects.

The Romans had their famous steam baths, which were popular meeting places where people came to enjoy the soothing steam and do their exercise, and the Scandinavians developed their log saunas, which were simple but effective.

Today saunas are still rising in popularity and many people are installing them in their homes. There is no better way to relax at the end of a strenuous or stressful day than in the soothing steam of a sauna.

Saunas offer a whole range of health-giving benefits, one of the most important of which is improved circulation. When water is poured over the heated rocks the heat and steam that they generate help to expand the blood vessels, allowing more oxygen to reach every part of the body.

Saunas also help to rid the body of the toxins and pollutants that it acquires on a daily basis. A regular sauna will go a long way towards clearing out toxins such as lead, nickel and mercury. It can even reduce cholesterol levels.

Benefits of saunas also include weight control. As the body heats up and perspires it uses more calories. The fact that the heart has to work harder as it sends more blood to the capillaries will help you to lose weight. The work done by the sweat glands uses up a lot of energy and it is possible for a person to burn around 300 calories in a session, which is similar to the amount that you might burn in a two-mile jog.

Taking a sauna is a great way to relax and de-stress and promotes a good night's sleep, so that you awake fresh and fully rested in the morning. Many people add fragrances to the water before pouring it over the rocks. This creates a pleasant aroma and promotes serious relaxation.

Studies have shown that there are many benefits of saunas and when they are taken on a regular basis they can help improve blood circulation, detoxify your system, help to control your weight, reduce cellulite and cleanse and rejuvenate your skin.



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