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Sauna Accessories

As home saunas become ever more popular and technologically advanced, so too do the accessories that go with them. You do not have to go straight for the in-sauna stereo - there are plenty of small sauna accessories which will enhance the experience and aid serious relaxation. Here are the essentials.

Pails and ladles

Pails and ladles add those authentic finishing touches to your sauna and give it a truly Scandinavian feel. Wooden pails were originally used by the Finns to store the water that is poured on to the heated rocks. They come most commonly in pine or copper. The traditional wooden ladle enables you to pour water on to the heated rocks without burning your hands.

Thermometers and hygrometers

Thermometers and hygrometers are essential sauna accessories, as you need to keep the temperature high and the humidity low to get the best effects. The ideal temperature is between 80C and 100C, while hygrometers measure humidity from 0 per cent upwards. There is something to suit everyone's needs, whether you want yours chrome-plated or in a traditional wood finish.

Sand timers

The other thing you need to measure is how long you have been in the sauna. Sand timers, which look much like egg timers, tend to come in a wood finish and are attached to the sauna wall. The scale on the side indicates five-minute intervals and when finished, the timer is turned around for the next 15-minute cycle.

Wall lamps

Especially designed for saunas, these splashproof lamps use standard 40W bulbs and include vapor-proof gaskets. They can be fitted anywhere in the sauna and covered with slatted pine shades to match the rest of the room.

More Sauna Accessories...

Sauna heater rocks

The best sauna rocks are made of peridotite, a stone with excellent heat-retaining qualities. Most sauna manufacturers supply rocks, but if you are buying your own, choose stones which are about the size of a fist. Any larger, and they will take to long to heat up and release steam; smaller stones will give up heat too easily.

Scents and aromas

To add another dimension of relaxation to the sauna experience, why not try adding a fragrant aroma to your steam. Simply add a couple of drops of scent, such as eucalyptus, birch or pine, into your pail of water before you pour the water over the heated rocks.

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