Portable Toilet Trailer: On the Move

Portable toilet trailers or mobile structure lavatories are usually associated with the more up-market luxury models. For more on luxury models please - Click Here. The portable toilet trailers are usually substantially larger than its cubicle predecessor and have a larger number of extras on board such as climate control, classic fittings, and no-touch flush systems. With these types less set up time is required as there is no need to offload - the trailer is simply set down and is ready for operation.

Then there are portable toilet trailers that are used to transport individual cubicles from one site to another and around wedding, sporting and private venues. The trailers can be anything form 24 to 34 foot in length and are specifically designed for making the transportation of the lavatories easier. The majority of portable toilet trailers have slopped sides to facilitate the offloading and packing of the individual bulky units. Once loaded the units are tied down so that they are securely fastened, sometimes winches are even utilized to fasten the units. Certain trailers also have incorporated into their design adjustable. It is also possible to adjust the dimensions and specifications of most trailers so that they can also accommodate the larger and bulkier handy capped units. More on camping.

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