Portable Chemical Toilet: Ensured Hygiene

Portable chemical toilets are much larger than the wag bag ones and usually are most prevalent in a "booth" form whereby dumping is only required every 2 days or so. Since users of these are in such close proximity to the waste tank odor control always is a big priority. Biological and chemical agents are used to keep a lid on this possible problem. These agents accelerate the decomposition of waste (and also act on wiping paper) and prevent odors forming. This decomposition also makes cleaning and emptying the tanks a far more pleasant experience.

Bacterial decomposition is the process of bacteria, consuming organic matter. The enzymes present break down the waste into water soluble nutrients for the bacteria who then feed on this. The reactions are complex but eventually waste is metabolized into water and carbon dioxide or CO2. Enzymes act to break the organic matter into water - soluble nutrients, which the bacteria digest and is were they get energy to grow and reproduce.

You do have other portable chemical toilet models which work slightly differently. The tanks instead have water in them mixed with a preservative which hinder biological activity. Therefore no change is made regarding the amount of waste or any change in the organic strength of waste. Preservative chemicals used in these portable units that may however interfere with some of the biological processes used at most sewage facilities.

Obviously with units of this size you will have to enlist the services of an outside source to come and empty the tanks. Only licensed haulers who work for a reputable registered company should be used. Correct disposal of human waste is not something that should be considered lightly and every effort should be made to ensure that it is done in the safest and most hygienic way.

For information on the "wag bag" option - CLICK HERE

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