Portable Camping Toilet: Nature Calls

Portable camping toilets come in a variety of models and sizes. Ideally though a smaller model is best - considering you have a multitude of other things to bring with you. The last thing is you want is a lavatory filling the boot. Besides most camping grounds should have facilities available and the portable toilet will only probably be used on long walks/drives or in the middle of the night to avoid walking to facilities in the dark.

The most popular top of the range devices are fitted with two tanks. The top one holds water for the flushing process, and the second holds waste products. For convenience sake (with regard to space and handling) it is recommend you go for a model that is about 4.5 kgs. A unit of this size will usually have a holding tank of 5.5gallons and fresh water tank of 3gallons. With these models though, it is recommended that to reduce to chance of a build up of methane gas that the device is only used for solids. Weekend trips are fine but anything longer and you might want to think twice. Urine can go on the ground in shaded area, and is not classed as a health hazard.
The only thing that should go into the tank is deposits and wiping paper. No feminine hygiene products or garbage as these will clog the system. More on portable chemical models...Click Here

The cheaper alternative portable camping toilets are the wag bag models. This option however does not provide the emotional and physical comfort to the user that the previous one does. But it does make up on mobility with some only weighing less than 3kgs. On top of this many of these portable outdoor units can fold up for easy packing and storage.
As stated these units utilize wag bags. These are quite simply single use waste bags that contain bio-chemical bacteria and enzymes that accelerate decomposition and reduce the prominence of odor. The bags themselves are biodegradable ( labeled a Group II (non-hazardous) waste products) and have a mechanism (usually zip lock) to seal the contents inside. Once used they can be discarded with the rest of the garbage

A few other things you might want to consider:

  • Spraying the inside with non-stick cooking spray or coating the sides with pine-oil will make the unit easier to clean.
  • When the day arrives for emptying the tanks, always drop a bucket of water down. This will help loosen any materials inside.
  • Chemical substances with formaldehyde can interfere with the unit's operation.
  • Do not try and substitute products. Many people are convinced they no better, but ONLY use the products specified in the unit's documentation. Plastic bags are no substitute for wag bags and kitty litter should not be used

When camping always carry a pair of disposable rubber gloves, anti-bacterial soap (preferably one that does not require water), roll of paper and pine-oil

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