Luxury Portable Toilet: Seat for a King

Luxury portable toilets - why not make the whole experience slightly more pleasurable and comfortable and opt for the more up-market models. Luxury portable toilets will just add that extra something to special events such as weddings, birthday parties (private dos), corporate functions, sporting and community events, hospitality venues and even in the event you are having existing restrooms redone. This is defiantly the way to go if you are looking for high standards and excellence - not to mention the "wow" factor. Read about hiring and rental.

The majority of of these lavished lavatories are self contained and therefore require no extra preparation regarding drainage or organization of a supply of water. Unlike your typical cubicles, the more up-market models provide the user with a considerable amount of space and usually also with running hot and cold water whereby all pipe work is hidden by the use of double-walling. A whole lot of other extras also seem to find their way into luxury portable toilets such fine quality fittings (gold and mahogany in some instances); full length mirrors, perfume dispensers, pictures and some even have marble effect interiors and music accompaniment. With regard to flooring - most come with non slip surfaces and others come carpeted. Read on Trailers.

For the safety of users it is recommended that you ensure that a luxury portable toilet complies with set fire regulations. Only a qualified electrician should be used with regard to lighting and power supply, and most companies will provide fire extinguishes as part of their service.

Most companies involved in the business of luxury portable toilets will usually deliver, install and test them. Often many companies will also provide advice on where the units should be placed and some even provide attendants to maintain the cleanliness of the unit while a function is going on. This includes undertaking tasks such as cleaning up any misfortunate mishaps that might occur.

The majority of models and units have a number of amenities that come standard i.e. they come supplied with tissues, paper, deodorizes and soap. Others may even come with small cabinets that contain perfumes, cologne and other fresher toiletries.

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