Radar Detector Laws - USA and Canada


It is legal to own and use radar detectors in all fifty states expect Washington DC and Virginia. Police in the two states where the ban is in place, are known to use radar detector detectors.

Whereas in commercial vehicles (weighing over 10,000lbs), federal law bans the possession and use of radar detectors. In January 1994, the Federal Highway Administration prohibited radar detector use in commercial vehicles involved in interstate commerce.

The states of Nebraska, Minnesota, Utah, California, Oklahoma, Washington D.C. and Virginia have state laws banning radar jammers. California and Utah ban both radar and laser jammers.

According to the Radio Association Defending Airwave Rights (RADAR), more than 110 attempts to ban radar detectors in 33 states have been defeated in recent years.


In Canada, the only three provinces that allow the use of radar detectors in cars are: Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan.
Everywhere else in Canada, such devices are illegal and will be confiscated by the police if they see them in your vehicle.
You do not have to be using a radar detector to be fined; it is even illegal to have one in your possession.
The police may also fine you (up to $1,000 CA) if the detector is anywhere in your car.

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