PNI Silver Bullet

If you are looking for a great all-rounder on the radar detector market, then the PNI Silver Bullet is it.

Providing both radar and laser detection features, the Bullet ( picks up X, K, super-wide Ka and Laser bands and also has VG-2 protection from detector-detectors.

Being slim line, cordless (batteries are included, as well as a 12V adaptor) and light weight, the detector is easy for buyers to mount and move should users often drive different vehicles.


PNI Silver Bullet RX7500 Features

Dual Conversion Superheterodyne radar receiver

Linear Polarized, Self-Contained radar antenna

Scanning Frequency Discriminator detector

X Band 10.525 GHz +/- 50 MHz

K Band 24.150 GHz +/- 100 MHz

Ka Band 34.700 GHz +/- 1,300 MHz

Safety Radar 24.100 GHz

Pulsed Laser Signal Receiver laser receiver

Digital Signal Processor Pulse Width Discriminator laser detector

Dual Convex Condenser Lens & High Speed Photo Diode Detector optical sensor

Operation Wavelength 800~1,100 nm

Dimensions (H*W*L) 1*2.75*3.75

Weight 3.7oz

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