Escort Radar Detectors

Escort radar detectors have been on the radar detector market since the late 1970s and have led the industry in design and innovation. Since they entered the high-performance radar market, Escort has received a number of accolades for their products, including more patents than any other radar detector manufacturer around.

In 2004 alone, the company’s high-spec model Passport 8500 detector was rated as the overall top scorer in Motor Trend magazine’s “2004 Radar Detector Test and Buyers Guide”. ConsumerSearch ( also say that “the Escort radar is the best you can buy”.

Escort makes a number of detector products that suit most drivers’ needs – including corded radar detectors (the standard types fitted to the windscreen), cordless detectors (which are battery-operated), or remote detectors (fitted to your existing dash).

Each of their products comes with a one-year warranty that protects against defects in workmanship and materials. However, the product must be purchased from an authorized Escort dealer in order to receive the warranty.

For further information on Escort products, check out their website It features everything from online manuals for their products through to a section on ‘frequently asked questions’. To contact the company by telephone, call 800-433-3487 (hours run from Monday to Friday.

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