Best Radar Detectors

So you’ve received another speeding ticket and need to find the best radar detector around?…Or better still, want to be pro-active and take steps to try and avoid receiving a speeding ticket… You’ve come to the right place to decide what anti-detection device best suits your needs.

Firstly, you need to assess what sort of driving lifestyle that best describes you, and then from there, choose a model to buy that also suits your needs.

Do you regularly drive different vehicles?

Do you want something discreet and out of your way?

Do you want top performance?

These are some of the things that need to be considered to help you decide which type of radar detector you need. Essentially there are three different types of radar detectors available on the market: corded, cordless and remote. From there, you can decide which brand of detector suits your needs.

Cordless, Remote and Corded Radar Detectors


These are the traditional windscreen mounted radar detectors that are the most common type of detection equipment available on the market. The corded detectors simply plug into the 12V cigarette lighter source of a car and are usually mounted to the centre of the windscreen or clipped to either sun visor (depending on manufacturers instructions). These detectors offer the most reliable option when it comes to detecting traffic enforcement radars.


As the name suggests, cordless radar detectors are just that: cordless. Designed exactly like their traditional counterparts, these detectors spare motorists of the messy tangle of cords hanging in the way of vital instruments in your vehicle. The only downside to these devices is that with running on batteries they tend to lose their effectiveness as the battery life starts to drain. They are a great radar detector for people who frequently change vehicles or just those who hate clutter.


Remote detectors are installed in to the dash of your vehicle, offering a discreet appearance aiding as both a theft deterrent and keeps the equipment hidden from law enforcement officers.

The downside to these detectors is that they offer a lower success rate when it comes to avoiding the boys in blue and their radar guns. This is due to the antenna being mounted behind the vehicle’s grille and it being too low to the ground, rendering it less effective than portable models.

On this site we have given an overview and review of many of the top and most popular products available to motorists today, including models from Bel, Escort Passport, Whistler, Valentine One Radar Detectors and Cobra Radar Detectors. We have concentrated mainly on corded and cordless portable radar detectors as they out-perform their remote counterparts.

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