Anti Photo Covers

Just as the name suggests, anti-photo covers protect you from speed cameras/traps – albeit in the rudimentary form of plastic covers for your number plate!

Ok, so it’s a bit more sophisticated than that, but is a cheaper alternative to expensive radar and laser detecting gear.

Traffic enforcement cameras are programmed to take photos when it detects your vehicle doing something wrong, such as running a red light or speeding. When they take a ‘happy-snap’ of your vehicle, a ticket is usually sent to your home, making a nasty surprise in the letterbox for many motorists.

But enforcement agencies can’t send tickets to drivers if they can’t identify the car through being unable to read all of the number plate…and that’s where anti-photo covers come in.

How anti-photo license plate covers work

The anti-photo covers are designed to fit over your number plates. The plastic forms a convex peak, usually in the centre, so that cameras are unable to get a clear view of all the plate.

The only downside is that if the photo is taken at a straight-on angle to the vehicle, it often makes the numbers perfectly clear – making the covers only effective if the photo is taken from a side or raised angle (which is where most cameras are positioned).

The average price for such a product is relatively low, making it an attractive option to drivers on a budget, and also drivers who wish to use it to complement other anti-detection devices.

Again, the legality of these devices varies all around the world (even though they are available worldwide). Drivers are advised to check on the laws in their local area before implementing such a device.

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