Radar Detectors

Over the past few decades, radar detectors have become an integrated part of many motorists daily driving experience.

A great number of drivers know the feeling of dread that fills you when you see a set of flashing police patrol lights in the rear-view mirror…followed by an equal feeling of anger, despair and annoyance as you are handed a pricey ticket in exchange for your lead-footed antics.

Whether you are an ‘accidental’ speeder whose speed creeps up unwittingly; a blatant speed demon or a wannabe race-car driver, there are several options to attempt to avoid a run-in with the ‘boys in blue’ – the most common one being a radar detector.

Radar detector options

This site will explore the several options available to motorists who have a tendancy to speed (other than the obvious, fail-proof method of slowing down and traveling within the speed limit). Included is an overview and comparison of Beltronics Radar Detectors, Escort Radar Detectors, Whistler, Cobra, PNI Radar Detectors and Valentine One Radar Detectors radar detectors as well as an outline of how to find a radar to suit your needs and importantly radar detector laws.

The radar detector first graced the auto-accessory market following its invention in the 1970s (although police have been using radar to catch drivers since the 1950s). Considered a simple method of measuring speed using radio waves, radar detectors have evolved into high-tech instruments capable of several tricks, including telling the driver in which direction the radar gun signal is coming from.

As technology has advanced, traffic enforcement agencies have adopted sophisticated equipment such as laser speed guns and speed cameras to catch out speedsters. It’s a vicious cycle where as new speed-detection equipment is invented, its counterpart in anti-detection devices are also introduced to the market. Far advanced from the radar detectors of the 1970s is the use of laser and radar jammers and anti-photo number plate covers – all now commonly used by motorists (often in combination with each other) in the pursuit of avoiding lethal traffic fines.

While none of the anti-detection devices are completely fail-safe, using a combination of the various options will increase your chances of avoiding a speeding fine.

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