Spyder Paintball Gun

Can I get Spyder paintball gun?

Spyder make some of the best-selling paintball equipment, and specialise in paintball markers with almost a dozen high-class products. You must make sure however that you choose the right Spyder paintball gun for you. Everyone has different styles of play and Spyder should be able to suit you.

If you are a sniper then you will like to crouch behind a barrier and take shots at your enemy, which tends to be easier to do if you have a big gun like the Aggressor XT which is popular model featuring a sight rail to help you aim. But there are other guns for the sniper so you should get a quality selection to look through. The Spyder E99 Avant is very good for sniping for example because it has an LED display that tells you everything about the shot you have just made.

A different style of play is to be darting around and trying to surprise the enemy. This is a fast-paced style of play and requires a light-weight gun that can fire hard. You will likely prefer to have a rapid-fire gun, so that one pull of the trigger can fulfil your needs. For a gun that can fire in groups of one or three or even six you should use the Spyder Fenix - which can even unload every paintball in the entire clip. It will need also to fit comfortably in your hands and have an adjustable sight. It's also important to get a gun that is designed to jam as infrequently as possible, as if your does and you are on the attack you are in a lot of trouble. There is also the Spyder CP paintball marker which has such good grips and double triggers and many firing options which helps the sprinters.

Spyder also makes a reliable gun - the Spyder Victor - for the beginner that costs less than $100, which shows that whatever skill level and experience you are you should look at Spyder as they appear to have the whole range. Using the internet is a useful way to do this, as there are quite a few web vendors with a full range of paintball products as they will probably have all of the Spyder products as well and you will be more likely to get them at a better price.

Spyder paintball guns are a brand name from the Kingman group, who also make protective gear and other paintball accessories for all kinds of paintball player from the beginner up to the professional. With paintball, recognised brand names are important, especially when buying from the web, where you don't really get a chance to try out the equipment before you buy.

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