Sniper Paintball Gun

Is there a Sniper Paintball Gun?

Although there is a very small company in California who sell a Sniper paintball gun with Sniper as a brand name, we think that what people want to know about here is what equipment they should use if they are a "Sniper". A sniper is a type of paintball tactic where instead of running headlong into enemy fire, setting off your gun like crazy and trying to blaze away and "kill" as many of the enemy as possible you are actually going to hide somewhere and try to "pick off" your targets as stealthily as possible. This involves being able to shoot very accurately over a long range. Bear in mind that once you have shot, your opponent is likely to know where you are so the less shots you take the better. In order to be a good sniper though you need to have the right paintball equipment for the job.

Your sniper gun must have great accuracy and range, which is why many paintball snipers like to have pump guns which tend to provide greater accuracy and stability. The gun must obviously not be in bright colours otherwise you are essentially sending out a beacon which shouts "here I am" and you don't want to do that regardless of whether you have a pump or semi-automatic gun. You should also remember to clean it between games, as snipers need high performance and high performance only comes from clean guns.

The barrel of your gun doesn't actually have to be super-long. What it does need to have is a solid first 8-10 inches that enables the paintball to properly accelerate, and then the last 2-4 inches should be ported, as this quiets down the gun when you shoot, which is vital for a sniper. You should actually have a squeegee in the field for in-game cleaning, which is more likely to ensure accuracy.

A sight or a scope can really help you aim. The sight helps you also to work out just how accurate you are and means you know how you need to adjust your aim.

You should use paintballs of the highest quality in terms of how aerodynamic they are and their accuracy and they should match the bore size of your barrel, which makes them less likely to burst and more likely to fly farther.

The mask needs to have very large lenses so your field of vision is as unobstructed as possible, and should also be very comfortable whilst offering good face protection. Snipers need to be ready all the time, so you don't want to feel an urge to take the mask off every 20 minutes, and you want to be able to low-crawl without worrying about protection.

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