PMI Paintball

Who are PMI paintball?

Pursuit Marketing Inc. were formed back in 1982, which makes them pioneers of paintball. Known more widely as PMI paintball, they both manufacture and distribute some of the most sought-after and best quality paintball equipment. Their choice of equipment is based upon their belief that for a safe, fun and real game of paintball there are four things that you need - the markers, the goggles, the air and the paintballs. This is why PMI manufacture products in all four of these lines. Because they have been going for so long, and are still going well, you can trust that PMI products will be reliable for you to use and also that they will be designed to the right safety specifications.

For example, PMI X-ray goggles are designed to fit with the right ASTM safety specifications. An example of why this is important is that if you are a paintball player with glasses the mask is made to fit over most brands of glasses whilst also providing full face and ear protection. The lens is also easy to remove without actually being something that will fall off whilst you are playing. It also provides anti-scratch and anti-fog resistance.

So they make a good line of paintball goggles, but what about paintball guns? Well, PMI paintball markers are a very fast growing paintball gun line. They are 20 inches long with a LCD grip frame that is tournament-grade. What's more, they can be powered by N2 or CO2 systems and fire more than 12 shots per second which is good.

Then there are the PMI air systems and the paintballs, which are some of the best on the market. There are two types of Pure Energy tanks - one that comes with CO2 (compressed air) and another than comes with N2 (Nitrogen). Each air system is 11 inches long and weighs 3.1 pounds. PMI is also the exclusive distributor of Marballizer paintballs - voted as Paintball of the Year five times in a row - as well as El Tigre, Slam and All Star paintballs.

PMI have strategically positioned six distribution facilities across the United States. The idea is that none of those distribution facilities are more than a day away from the more than 2400 authorised distributors. They have headquarters in Chicago, and out of all the distributors they are the only ones who do not sell retail.

Instead, PMI paintball deal with fully insured paintball fields and qualified paintball stores. Much of the efforts that they make are put into supporting the stores that they distribute to, leaving time for them to research and develop new PMI paintball products. This good news for you, and means that you will be able to trust PMI for quite a while yet.

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