Piranha Paintball Gun

What types of Piranha paintball gun are there?

Piranha make a decent selection of guns. They have five main ones, including the Piranha BL, the Piranha EXT Pro G3, the Pro TS G3, the Pro TS w/Storm and the Piranha STS G3.

The Piranha BL is aimed at the entry level of the market. Should you just be getting into the sport of paintball and you don't wish to make a large investment when you buy your first paintball gun then we would recommend the Piranha BL to you. The short range accuracy of the gun is very good, although reviewers tend to have some issues with the long range accuracy once you get over 80 feet. The velocity consistency was also very good considering the price of the gun. Where the Piranha BL becomes really fun is when you get out on the paintball field. Because it is so light it is easy to manoeuvre, so helps you move around quickly. All this helps to make it very popular in its price bracket.


The Piranha EXT Pro G3 has a tournament level reputation. There are a long list of features on the gun, and these include the "prizm barrel". The EXT Pro G3 is for the experienced paintballer who doesn't want to get into Automags and Autocockers yet. The only drawback that reviewers have found is that the trigger could have been a little bit faster, but it is lightweight, accurate, fast, quick to manoeuvre and easy to maintain which are all keys to a good paintball gun.

The Pro TS G3 is reckoned to be the best of all the high grade semi-automatic paintball guns on today's market. TS stands for "Tournament Services" and it is a gun that you can really use in major tournaments as it scores so highly in terms of accuracy, field testing and consistency as well as looking very good. It is light and quick manoeuvring and is an excellent competitor with the very expensive "super guns" available.

The Pro TS w/Storm is a very high performance gun which is a lot of fun to play with as it has a lightning trigger as well as being very easy to maintain. Should you be looking for a gun which can compete well or even rule on the speedball field at less then this gun is highly recommended.

The STS G3 rates highly in consistency, accuracy and field testing. It is accurate, lights and very quick manoeuvring. Because it has so many cool features you can use it as a beginners package or should you be an advanced player trying to get into the game.

So as you can see its worth researching your options with paintball guns as different makes serve different purposes.

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