Paintball Supply

What kind of paintball supply do I need?

There's not much that can ruin game day in paintball more than running out of ammunition. Every time that you play paintball you will fire around 200 rounds, depending on the style of play that you use.

But whatever your style of play, your biggest nightmare is being stuck out in the field in the middle of a game with no paintballs, so you should try to keep up a steady stock of paintballs so you don't have to end up having to get in your car and drive around looking for a store that is open.

Most players should have a full box of 500 paintballs in store so that they have enough ready to go. You can also buy paintballs in sets of 2000, and if you want to do this you can make savings by buying online. That doesn't mean that you should buy cheap paintballs as they can cause two problems - either jamming paintball markers or not breaking on contact (which may cause more pain to your opposition but will not win you the game).

Finding a reliable source of paintball supply is important, but what do you need to make sure you have? Here is a brief guide.

You can't play without a paintball mask for one thing, so one of the first things you need to do is to get yourself a mask. Then you need to get a paintball gun, but there are so many that you must do your research, which you can do on this site and also on the internet. You also need a barrel blocking device - also called a barrel sock or barrel plug. These prevent injury should you accidentally fire your gun when not playing. You will also need an air supply, as these propel your paintballs. These could be 12 gram cartridges for pumps and pistols, otherwise CO2 or nitro/high-pressure air is best. You also need a hopper to feed paintballs into your gun, which should be electronic if your gun's fire rate is 12 bps.

You also need paintball gun oil to lube the inside of your gun, a squeegee to clean the barrels, an extra o-ring to keep your balls on track, and a barrel sleeve and stuff bag for your barrel and mask to protect those pieces of equipment.

You should also have a supply of safety equipment - a neck guard protects an area your mask usually doesn't, and a cup to protect your manhood.

Buying all this in a package is an idea, but you may get mediocre components, so better to see if a shop will let you pick individual pieces and get a discount on the whole purchase.

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