Paintball Stores

What types of paintball store are there?

When you are looking for a paintball store in which to buy paintball equipment, there are more options than you might think at first. The paintball field where you play paintball for one thing will often sell equipment for you to use, which makes sense, as people there want to play paintball - although they will mostly be renting equipment to people so they are unlikely to have a wide range of paintball equipment to buy so perhaps it isn't the best place to start.

Before the advent of online shopping, the best place to go for paintball equipment would have been a specialist paintball store, as these are normally run by paintball enthusiasts who really know their stuff and can be trusted to know what you need as well, depending on your experience and your style of play. Some general sports retailers are also good places to go, as they can buy in bulk so prices might be cheaper, although again they are unlikely to have the best range, nor are they likely to have staff as knowledgeable as a specialist paintball store.

What the internet has done, as you will no doubt know if you have read this site, is to create a massive information store that enables you to work out what equipment that you need and offer you a lot of the expertise that before you might have had to rely on paintball store staff for. What the internet has also done is to create a way of you finding the best price available for paintball equipment which gives you some impressive bargaining power with the specialist stores, who are more likely to give you a decent discount if you can show that you can get the equipment elsewhere.

One of the most important things to do if you want to make get the best deal at a paintball store is to understand your needs. Every person will have different needs and you should only buy equipment if it is correctly tailored to your playing style. Paintball guns can cost as little as $50, but if you get the wrong one for you then that's $50 down the drain. Some people want a lightweight model to help them run around and attack people and others are happy with a point-and-blast juggernaught to snipe with and take out attackers.

The paintball store that you use should also have good customer service. Obviously if you buy from an offline location then you won't be so worried about what to do and where to go if something is wrong with your equipment, but if it is an online location you are using then customer service is important. What happens if you need to return what you've bought?

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