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Can I buy equipment for paintball online?

A lot of people look to buy equipment for paintball online. The reason that they do this is because usually the equipment they can buy will be at a discount because an online retailer doesn't usually have the overheads of a retail presence or maybe even a call centre to sell products. The internet also makes the process of researching paintball equipment easier as you don't have to go into loads of shops to compare prices and can do so from the comfort of your own home.

In fact what many people do is to do their research online and then go to a paintball shop with their quote for a piece of paintball equipment and use it for bargaining. In order to make this work, you will need to speak to the manager, or someone with sufficient authority to grant you a discount, and you need to have printed out the quote. Tell the manager than you have got a better price on the internet but you want to be able to support local businesses so if he can give you a better price then you are more likely to buy from him.

The bigger the purchase you want to make, the more likely this bargaining tactic will work, as if you are spending more money, especially when you are buying premium products, the margin on the product will be bigger so there is more room for a discount.

Items need to be comparable as well. If you can get a used marker for $120 then don't expect you can get the same marker new for that amount or anywhere near it. You should also remember that the price that you are looking at online will need to have shipping charges added to it, whilst when you are in a regular store you will need to be paying sales tax.

Something else that should be pointed out is that you may not get the deal that you want in the first paintball store you go to, but you could get the best price in the second store. You may even get that deal if you speak to someone else in the same store, so its worth trying again and again, remembering that at the end of the day you can probably get what you want online.

You don't only have to look at online stores, you can also look at the classified ads and the online auctions to get what you want at an affordable price. There are risks involved, as you may end up dealing with the wrong person who doesn't follow through properly on the transaction. But it is still worth a try as you never know what deals are there.

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