Paintball Guns

Who made the first paintball gun?

In the sport of paintball, two groups of opponents are using paintball guns or paintball markers that are loaded with a harmless paint product, and they play a wide variety of hunting and war games. Paint balls are small containers which are filled with pain, or more likely to be gel caps. The paintball gun is powered by canisters of compressed gas. Forestry groups used to mark trails and trees and farmers used to mark cattle using gas-powered guns in the 1970s. These guns had to have their speed and power regulated for use in paintball, and once that happened the users of the marking guns would horse around with each other realised that when they aimed the guns at each other - as long as they wore certain protective equipment, it could be really quite fun.

In 1981, twelve friends decided to play a game of "Capture the Flag" using the guns that they used for tree marking. They had so much fun that they then bought into a manufacturer of tree marking guns which was called Nelson. They began then to promote and sell the guns for use when people played the new recreational sport. The first paintball field opened in Rochester, in the northwest of New York State, in 1982.

Charles and Evan Nelson founded the Nelson Paint Company in 1940. They had to try and mark tress in places that were hard to reach and so they invented a way of shooting paint pellets out of a gun. On January 29th 1974, the first paintball gun was patented for use by the forestry industry by James C Hale.

The Splatmaster was the first specifically designed paintball gun - and it was patented on July 30th 1985 by Robert G Shepherd. Electropneumatic paintball guns followed - such as the Angel and the Shocker.

On January 6th 1987, the first recipe for an actual paintball bullet was patented by George A Skogg. The fluid was packaged in soft gelatin capsules and this made projectiles which were more stable and accurate and left bright and highly visible marks on places that they hit. What was more, the marks could be washed out easily with water and sometimes detergent, which made them very suitable for games and sports exercises. Luckily for the Nelson Paint Company, George A Skogg was one of their employees, so the patent registered became known as the Nelson paintball recipe.

And so the paintball gun came into existence, and nowadays there are many types of paintball gun on the market including angel, tippmann and sniper. From light guns that make it easier for you to run with if you like to attack, and heavy guns with long barrels that allow you to shoot accurately over longer distances should you like to snipe.

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