Paintball Game

What type of paintball game can I play?

There are tens, if not hundreds, of variations of the basic paintball game. However, there are two paintball games which are the standard ones - and these are called tournament and rec-ball. You will very likely to introduced to paintball through playing rec-ball, and once you get used to playing the game, you can move onto tournaments. Once you get to a certain level though, you may play rec-ball and you may play tournaments, and really it comes down to the distinct personalities of the paintballers.

Those people who play rec-ball even though they are good enough for tournament play are likely to simply be not that interested in tournament play as they feel that tournaments are too stressful and thus less fun. Other paintballers are dedicated to tournament play. Should they not be competing in paintball tournaments, they are practicing for them. They feel that rec-ball is just a little bit too casual and not the best way to showcase their teamwork and talent.

Some people like to play both types of paintball game though. We suggest that you try both types a few times and then see how you feel. As long as you are playing safely and are having fun and are sticking to the rules it doesn't matter what paintball game you are playing.

Some people take it further, in that they think that they can use paintball games as a training device for when they are using actual weapons. But paintball games are simulations, and so they cannot to a total extent reproduce the circumstances of actual combat. But it can contribute a lot to your training, depending on certain details.

Internet simulations cannot provide total accuracy but they can provide certain behaviours and certain characteristics which could then provide the user with behaviours which may be adopted in real circumstances. In the case of online video paintball games, the ballistic characteristic, dimensions and weight of paintball guns may induce behaviours in the users which can't be used with real guns.

As a simple example you should take reloading. Reloading with a paintball gun is not very useful for real training as, despite most of the real-life weapons being reloaded in almost the same way as with paintball guns, there are some major differences which means that the shooter may waste some critical and valuable time should they be in a real combat situation.

What paintball games do is to help you understand about working in teams in a battle situation. You learn about how to communicate whilst not being able to make any noise and how to think on your feet in a situation where you are under fire for instance. Just don't think that a paintball game prepares you for war.

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