Paintball Fields

How do I find the best paintball field?

Some people think that the secret to finding the right paintball field is to just ask them a few questions regarding prices and how many paintballs or games you are getting for your money. Actually, that isn't the most important aspect, safety is the most important aspect.

Paintball fields can be in many different designs and layouts, there could be an indoor paintball field, or they have created an "urban" paintball field which resembles an inner-city crime scene. Sometimes you find that your paintball field is a wood, which offers some interesting places to hide and defend yourself as you advance on the other team. Then there are the real "fields" where you may have long grass and some natural man-made barriers but really the game is completely out in the open. Good paintball destinations will offer all kinds of fields and you should be able to play games on a few of them during you day there.

As far as paintballs are concerned, you should ask how many paintballs are included in the price of your day, as what some places will do is offer you what looks like a cheap price for a paintball game, but not include any paintballs in that price. This, considering you can't play paintball without paintballs, is disingenuous in the extreme. Sometimes, they may even make you pay extra to hire a paintball gun and overalls, and - god forbid - safety equipment. These can't be optional so they must be included in the price.

Safety is by far the most important factor you should consider when choosing a paintball field. You can judge the safety standards of a field by finding out whether these standards exist. Should the field not enforce all five of these then you should not go there.

Field must have Chronograph - every paintball gun needs to be shooting at below 300 feet per second. Periodic checks of each gun should be carried out all day.

Masks are compulsory - whether they call them googles or masks, they should be designed specifically for paintball and be used all day.

Designated Safe Area - this should be a long way from the area of play and separated by mesh netting, so that players can remove their masks safely.

Barrel plug rule - since players in the safe areas will not be wearing masks but will still have their paintball gun a barrel plug must be in place in the safe area, so the marker can't be accidentally fired. There must be not shooting in the safe area, and if there is, the paintball field staff should leave you in no doubt that it isn't allowed.

Competent Staff - staff at a paintball field should be experienced and competent to make sure all rules are enforced.

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