Paintball Equipment

What kind of paintball equipment do I need?

It takes a long time to find the right paintball equipment for you. We would suggest that you need to have a very good selection available to you. If you are not for example able to browse at least ten separate brand names then we would suggest that you don't have a good enough selection in front of you.

You also need to understand your paintball style, because it really can make a big difference to the paintball equipment that you need. There are many different names for the two main styles, but some call them turtle and rabbit. The turtle style means that you hide in a safe area in the field then snipe at the enemy when they pass you unawares. These players need big guns which will help them shoot more accurately. The rabbit players will need to have agility in order to run from one spot to another, hitting your enemy with quick shots that you are able to make with your equipment and launching surprise attacks. These people will want lightweight guns that can fire quickly, along with a healthy supply of paintballs.

Something that is often forgotten when people look for paintball equipment is the protective clothing that you need to wear for paintball. We can't put this lightly, your safety is paramount in paintball and without the right gear you can suffer an accident that could leave you blind, deaf or could even be fatal.

You need to have a vest that gives you protection in those areas that are critically sensitive, such as your heart, kidneys and your back. You must have pads for your elbows and knees and shins which give you protection when you are hit in those sensitive areas but also give you preservation when you are crawling, falling or sliding as you move around the paintball field. Gloves are also a very good investment here.

Paintball goggles are a safety necessity, you simply cannot be a cheapskate on paintball goggles, and sunglasses or ski goggles are not an acceptable substitute. Paintball goggles will be specially made to withstand a paintball's impact as well as giving you protection on the side, top and front of your head. They increase the peripheral vision you have which is very useful.

Then you have the subject of the paint that you buy. Paintballs are made of gelatin on the outside and paint on the inside. This gelatin must be tough to fire from the marker but soft enough so that it breaks when the targets are made. You must also find water-based paintballs as they are so much easier to wash off. You must store them in a cool and dry place and don't use dirty paint balls either.

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