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Is there a good paintball online store?

Whilst we all agree that you can save money buy shopping for paintball products on the internet, there are a lot of online paintball stores. It's worth looking at a selection of these online stores to see where people like to go, which is normally a sign of a good destination. A good paintball online store will feature a wide selection of paintball equipment in addition to cheaper prices.

As with most internet shopping destinations, the first place you should go when checking out online paintball stores is the information on policies for returns and cancellations. Buying online means that you miss out on using some of the senses you might use when you shop offline, such as being able to hold the paintball gun to see how it sits in your arms or how heavy it is. So being able to return something that doesn't suit you or cancel a purchase if it is taking too long to ship without it costing you extra is very important. Here are some stores that have been checked out and are worth a look at.

Paintball Online - A division of Xtremez, Paintball Online has thousands of items in stock. There are guns from 20 manufacturers and you are allowed to order both online and over the phone. Up to 30 days from the sale they will guarantee to beat any other online retailer's price by 5% and they also ship internationally and keep you well up to date with the progress of your order.

888paintball - There are guns from less than $100 to more than $1000. There are also accessories, videos, packages, clothes and much more. You can order by phone or online and there is free shipping on orders of more than $200. They guarantee to beat other companies' prices by 10% and keep you up to date with your orders.

Xtreme Paintball - All kinds of new guns, equipment and packages are available here, and they also offer warrantied refurbished equipment. They also offer ebay auctions and gift certificates.

Paintball Discounters - Offer to match lower prices and have a gift registry service so family and friends can know what to buy you. Shipping is free on orders over $100.

Fat Bob's UK - a smaller selection than the big USA stores but with plenty to choose from still. They ship to Europe as well as North America.

Paintball Gear Canada - sells guns from over 24 manufacturers as well as clothes, accessories, games and packages. The site is available also in multiple languages such as Spanish, French and German.

Froogle - not a store, but a google powered site where you can find online stores for a product with prices as well. Good for hard-to-find products.

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