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How do I keep my paintball marker clean?

When you buy a paintball marker you are actually making quite a big investment. Brands include angel, spyder, tippmann and kingman. When you make an investment like that you must make sure that you look after it. This basically means keeping lubricated and clean. It can be very boring, but it will rarely take more than maybe a few minutes of your time and can be the difference between being able to play paintball all day and having to sit out some games in order to clear up problems with jammed tiggers or barrel breaks.

The basics on lubing and cleaning your gun can be put down in ten easy steps. These are general guidelines, since there are so many brands of paintball markers available. Should the manufacturer make different instructions on cleaning and lubing then you should absolutely follow their advice and not ours. Before you start though you should have your parts kit on hand as well as other cleaning essentials. Use a worktable to make your cleanup operation afterwards easy.

  1. Remove the airsource from your gun. Never clean, work on or inspect your marker with a connected air source.
  2. Lay out your paintball marker schematic in front of you, which should be in the instruction manual or on the manufacturer's website. Don't disassemble your gun without the schematic or you won't believe how hard it will be putting it back together again. As you are taking the gun apart, try to sketch the internals of it anyway just in case. Then remove the hopper, the barrel, the bolt, the grip frame and the hammer/striker, and put them all aside neatly.
  3. Run a pull-through squeegee through the inside of the barrel. Wipe the barrel down with a paper towel and warm water on the inside and outside. Then run a clean squeegee through it again and a dry paper towel, making sure you leave it dry.
  4. Clean the inside of your gun's body, maybe using a squeegee, then Q-Tips, paper towels and old toothbrushes to clean the places that are hard to reach.
  5. Take the grip-frame and clean the broken paint and other debris out with a small brush. Don't remove the trigger assembly as reassembling it isn't fun.
  6. Clean the bolt and the hammer/striker with warm water and a paper towel. Dry those pieces thoroughly. Inspect the O-rings as carefully as you can because most air leaks are caused here.
  7. Replace cracked, dry or funky-looking o-rings and check other internals.
  8. Lightly lubricate all internals with paintball marker oil, especially those bits that have to move.
  9. Reassemble the marker following the schematic, chronograph it before using it.
  10. Put your goggles on and go out and play paintball!!!

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