Kingman Paintball Gun

Are there Kingman paintball products?

The Kingman International Corporation was founded in 1992 by Arthur Chang, who built up his company on the back of a simple philosophy, which was to try and offer the market superior products at prices which are affordable. This philosophy has driven Kingman to be raising the standards in paintball product innovation and design.

Sure enough, in 1994, the introduction of the Spyder series of paintball markers changed the paintball industry as it was proved that it was possible to offer a high level of performance at a price affordable to many people that hadn't had this quality available to them before. This allowed the game to be introduced to a new generation of players but it was also a marker with credibility amongst paintball enthusiasts. It is lightweight, sleek and powerful, and has developed through innovation to the Spyder e-markers you see today as modern electronic paintball guns.

Kingman doesn't just make paintball markers though, they also make other products such as accessories under the JAVA brand. They also make protective gear called Raven, which they have been making since 1999. Raven has involved into the premier brand that Kingman offers, with tournament-level equipment, innovative protective gear, cutting edge accessories and popular casual wear. They have built on this reputation by adding a division that specialises in premium tournament level paintball guns - the Raven Electronic marker.

They also have a series of markers with the professional player in mind - the BC limited edition, which were inspired by one of the most renowned pro paintball teams - Bad Company. They are exclusive in number, as their price indicates that they aim to suit those paintball players who want nothing less than the best.

Kingman International has also evolved into the Kingman Group as a new identity, to take advantage of the collection of brands that exist under its umbrella in the ever-growing paintball market. Kingman also aim to embellish their innovative products with uncompromising service. They also donate to children's foundations and charities and sponsor college scholarship programs plus offer Spyder Cup paintball tournaments which offer 5 cars to the winners.

You can find Kingman products in the world's leading paintball speciality stores, sporting goods chains and other retailers. They have distribution centres in Europe, United States and Canada which make them easily accessible in most continents. They also pledge to look to the future and push ahead with more advanced technologies, enhanced engineering and contemporary styling. They also support the paintball industry as it grows as well as promoting the most important aspect - safety.

Effectively, the point we are making is that Kingman appear to be a brand that you can rely upon should be you getting into paintball up to turning professional.

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