JT Paintball

Who are JT Paintball?

JT Paintball is an manufacturer of paintball markers and accessories of international renown. The brand name that they go by in the United States is JTUSA, and they make some great guns which will suit beginners, intermediate and experienced paintballers alike. Should you be taking up this game then JT paintball could be the perfect brand for you to try.

For the beginners, JTUSA offer many different types of paintball gun. The Talon Ghost is the entry level marker and is the best-selling pump-action marker in the world. It has accurate loading and firing as well as sights, and all for less than $70.


As you become more serious at the game, you may want to look at the less recent versions of the JT Excellerator series, which in many cases are still being sold new. The Excellerator 3.5E is easy to maintain, made out of advanced construction and offers semi-automatic fire. It retails for less than $200 and is a perfect gun for those beginners who wish to have a good quality gun to work with. Essentially, this is where JT paintball specialise, the novice paintballer who wishes to take serious steps into paintball. If you just want to give paintball one shot then you are better off going for the inexpensive Talon Ghost.

The JT Excellerator series is actually made for the experienced player aiming to move up to tournament level. They feature all of the standard features that you would expect from the advanced workmanship that went into the gun. You can tell that this is a high quality gun as you will spot the JT Excellerator series at many major tournaments. We are now up to version 6.0 of this gun.

As far as which style of paintballing is suited best to the JT paintball range - if you are a active runner and quick firer then JT is more focused on making equipment for you. This means that they are lighter guns than some other brands and also that they are easier to rapid-fire. If you have a style of play which favours crouching down and taking sniper shots then you would be better suited by Smart Parts or Worr Games.

So, it can be pretty safely said that JT paintball make paintball guns that can be used by all kinds of paintballer. They have a great-selling gun for beginners and a very highly respected gun for experienced tournament players. The tournament gun has some earlier versions which are still being sold new as they are a useful gun for the more serious novices. Therefore when you go to a paintball outlet you should look at JTUSA products as they are unlikely to be a waste of time.

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