Paintball Jersey

How do I buy a paintball jersey?

You're probably wondering what a jersey has to do with playing paintball. You're probably thinking that if you have to think about paintball markers, paintball accessories, air supply, barrels and all those other things, why should you now have to think about the paintball jersey that you need. Well, if you play at tournament-level, where literally every little bit counts, then your paintball jersey can sometimes be the most important equipment you need to consider.

Jerseys can provide you with room to move, and they also provide you with camouflage, at the same time as possibly making you look intimidating, or cool, or even both. You really don't want to be taken out by "friendly fire" where people on your team can't work out whether you are on their team or the other team, so they shoot to make sure they are safe and end up hitting you. So whilst you don't need your whole team to have exactly the same jersey, your team should pick a colour and stick to it whilst also making sure that the jersey fits your needs. There are several leading paintball jersey brands and the best selections and the most competitive prices are likely to be found on the internet.

As with all paintball equipment, the climate in which you play paintball is a major factor is your choice of jersey. But one thing which you can be sure of is that whether you are playing in hot places or cold places you will heat up as you play, so you should get yourself a well vented jersey which can keep you cool and circulated.

Whatever colours you get, and however well vented your paintball jersey is, you would be well advised to make sure that your jersey has lasting colours and is made of quality fabric. For example, polyester will last a long time before it fades, but in hot climates it isn't the best choice. So you should find out where you are playing before buying your jersey.

Another point to note is that you must cover up as well as possible. Yes, we know that it can be sexy to show some skin in places, but when you are playing paintball it's not a good idea at all. Wearing a long-sleeved jersey and long pants will allow you to roll, slide, crouch and do all the other essential paintball moves more safely as well as making you less likely to be hurt by a paintball. Your jersey should also be baggy, which can help you crouch down and move better and also deflects the energy off the paintballs, which can lessen the chance of bruising and maybe breaking.

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