Impulse Paintball Gun

What is an Impulse paintball gun?

The Impulse paintball gun was designed by a company known as Smart Parts. It is slimmer and more lightweight than other Smart Parts guns such as the "Shocker". It has quite a few unique design features, including the fact that it can be operated at input pressures of around 120 PSI, which means that balls very rarely break in the gun. They also have put something called a "Vision Eye" on the Impulse, which can help to stop the paintballs being chopped accidentally by the gun's bolt.

In testing, the Impulse what not only found to hardly break any balls (0.0005%) but also it showed up very strongly in accuracy, field testing and consistency testing.

One of the things that was noted about the Impulse gun was that the instruction manuals that came with it were very well illustrated. This is actually a breath of fresh air, as some paintball guns have manuals that need an expert in the Enigma code to decipher into plain English. Whilst you also get a barrel, a barrel plug, a battery and some lubricant you'll have to buy a set of tools.


Impulse paintball guns can be bought in black, red, blue and silver, and tend to be very cleanly milled as well. Features include the new "cricket board", the smart parts max-flo regulator, the vision eye (available as an upgrade), an electronic trigger and a low pressure operation.

"Vision Eye" is very useful. It is an electronic sensor that checks the ball is loading properly in the firing chamber before the gun is allowed to be fired. Thus its more or less impossible to chop a paintball with the bolt of the gun - a common problem with paintball guns. You must use brightly coloured paints with this though, as if you use dark, the vision eye may not see them and stop you firing.

The "Cricket board" automatically adjusts to the different paintball colours. It is an electronics platform that allows the vision eye system to be used with a lot less hassle than before.

As a summary, the advantages of the Impulse paintball gun include that it is excellent value for money, the low operating pressure of 120-200 psi is useful, the availability of the Vision Eye system meaning that ball breakage is very low. The good balancing (made even better when you drop forward) also helps and the Smart Parts max-flo means that stock regulation is excellent. It is very durable due to its solid design and construction. Cons are that there is a first shot drop off, you need bright shells for Vision Eye, cleaning can be time-consuming and you need to get a plastic ball detent with it.

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