Paintball Gear

What paintball gear do I need to buy?

When you start playing paintball, you may not want to make the investment in buying your paintball gear until you know that you want to play it regularly. So you will rent equipment at the paintball field, but eventually you may get tired of doing that and so you'll start looking around for paintball gear to buy.

Have a look at what the other paintball players are using. You can see that there is a large selection of guns and accessories available for you to purchase should you wish to. However, there are a few things that you must concentrate on for starters, a list of basic paintball gear that will make for a fun day out at the paintball field.

Firstly, you cannot play without a paintball mask. If you play without one, then you can actually have a fatal accident. Then you need to have a paintball gun, which obviously is vital. As you will know if you have been elsewhere on the site, you shouldn't buy the first paintball gun that you see. Instead, do some research and find out what is right for you.

You also need a barrel blocking device, also called a barrel sock or barrel plug. These blocking devices will prevent people getting injured, including you, should you accidentally fire your gun when you are not playing. If your paintball field is insured, then you will not be allowed to play without a barrel blocking device. Even if you are playing outlaw paintball you must use one.

You also need an air supply, which will be used to propel the paintballs at a speed that will enable them to break on contact with your opponents. Interestingly, if you shoot them fast enough to break on contact, they will actually hurt others less, whereas if you shoot slower, they won't break, you won't win anything, but you will bruise and hurt a lot of people. Should you have a pump or a pistol, your air supply will be a 12 gram cartridge, and other guns run on nitro/high pressure air or CO2.

Finally, you need to get a hopper which feeds the paintballs into the gun, or the paint tube for the pistol or a pump. Should your gun have a rate of fire of 12 balls per second or less then you can have a regular 200-round hopper, but if you have a faster gun you'll need an electronic hopper.

For maintaining your paintball gear you'll need some paintball gun oil, a squeegee, extra o-rings and a barrel sleeve and bag for your mask. Extra safety equipment like a neck guard and a cup would also come in handy.

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