Paintball Dye

How do you look after your paintball dye?

What is a paintball? It's simply a round skin made of gelatin which is filled with paintball dye. Should a paintball hit a target when it is travelling at more than 10 feet per second then the ball will split and the liquid that is inside will leave a mark on the target. If the target is a human being (and not one of the marshals) then you have made a ‘kill' and assuming it's not someone on your own team then well done!

Paintballs have to be water-soluble, biodegradable and non-toxic. The dye that is used is the same dye that is used in ice cream and candy. Should you accidentally swallow the paint, it will taste nasty, but it won't harm you.

As paintball dye is water-soluble, the paint splatter will wash easily out of your jersey. All you will need to have is a shower for yourself and then put your clothes in the wash and then your equipment needs to be cleaned with a damp cloth. After this is done, you wouldn't even know the paint was there. We should also point out that when you play paintball your equipment and your clothes will be subjected to sweat, dirt, tears and dings so you should never wear anything that you are precious about.

Since people can run out of paintballs, they can sometimes be very tempted when they come across paintballs lying on the ground. If you do, you only have two choices. You can leave it, because it is non-toxic and water soluble. Or you can throw it away, which is a better thing to do if you have a dog or a little sister - paintballs are not toxic, but not tasty either. What you shouldn't do is use it. Even if you are in the middle of a championship game and all of your balls fall to the ground, you cannot put them back in your gun.

Paintballs on the ground will have microscopic amounts of dirt on them and their performance will be affected, even causing them, to break inside the barrel. Water warps their shape so you cannot rinse the paintballs.

Paintballs may be able to bruise you, but they are also delicate. Storing your paintballs can make them warp - and if that happens you'll end up shooting unreliably or even having them breaking in your barrel. To try and avoid this, store them at room temperatures - not in your attic or in the boot of your car. You also want them stored in a dry place as they are water-soluble, so good for cleaning yourself after a game, but not good for storage. Follow these tips for long-lasting, effective paint.

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