Cheap Paintball Gun

Do have any tips for buying a cheap paintball gun?

One of the best ways to start playing paintball is to buy a cheap paintball gun. You can find a good reliable and solid gun for under $100 if you browse around. But we would suggest you go for a brand name to make sure rather than just anyone. A good online web site should let you browse a few hundred paintball guns from at least 10 good brand name vendors.

Some of the cheap paintball guns available actually perform very well considering their low cost. However, there are some cheap guns that belong in the garbage can rather than out on the playing field. As to how you know which cheap gun will give you best value - the more research the better - but here are some things you need to think about, and ask others about.

Performance - this could be good accuracy, good range or good firing rate. It also means reliability. That doesn't mean only reliable with one type of paint, that means consistently reliable.

Action - if you want to see more of this out on the field, then think about how your gun works - also called its action. It could be pump action, semi-automatic or hybrid. Each different action type makes a gun work differently so get the right action for how you want your gun shooting and the amount of work you want to do when you fire it.

Air Supply - the cheapest way to power a paintball gun is with CO2 but 12-grams is rarely enough. If the gun you get doesn't handle CO2 well then get a regulator, anti-siphon or x-chamber to make it work better.

Construction - cheap can made cheaply made. You need a durable gun at least considering the abuse a paintball gun gets in the course of a game. So you need a metal body and metal grip with good bolts and no shaking parts.

Looks - don't buy a gun purely based on its looks. Flashy colours may make you feel confident but you may as well have a "shoot me" sign hanging from you during a game. Boring black has its uses.

Maintenance - you need to take care of your gun properly. Cheaper guns should have simpler internal parts - making them easier to take apart. Find out if others have had trouble with theirs.

Pistols - these may be a cheaper option but they have less range, are slower, run out of paint quicker and are less accurate. To be bought as an appendage only unless others have pistols.

Upgrades - your gun should be one that CAN have upgrades, not one that NEEDS upgrades.

Customer Service - do they cut corners with their whole company? Do they offer help on the phone? Is the manual good?

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