Autococker Paintball Gun

Why should I get an Autococker Paintball gun

If you want to take your game to the next level you should start to think about getting yourself an semi-automatic paintball gun. These guns automatically cock, meaning that you can fire off many rounds at once. The Autococker paintball gun is a gun that has been manufactured to auto-cock which means that you can use it to squeeze off numerous rounds without needing to pre-cock and this has become key to many paintball strategies.

However, you should watch out for certain things when buying a semi-automatic paintball gun, in the main because they are actually quite sophisticated in how they work, and thus if they don't work correctly your entire day of fun could be destroyed. This is why when buying a semi-automatic we do advise you to look at the brand names first, as well known companies tend to be more reliable when you are buying a gun that is quite complicated in its workings. You want a gun which is actually designed to be semi-automatic, and have been created with this operation in mind as these guns work best. Some guns are modified so that they can auto-cock, but we advise you to avoid these as problems can be created later and many people can tell you stories about substantial errors that occurred with popular branded guns that got factory-modified so that they cocked automatically.

In order to find a source of paintball guns which includes the popular brand names, you should go to a web vendor, as they not only have the brand names available but they are more likely to offer competitive pricing due to having lower overheads. The more brand names you can look at, the higher the likelihood that you will find a gun which suits your style of play. So, if you like to fire whilst running hard, then you don't want a gun that is difficult to manoeuvre or is too heavy. There are different types of Autococker guns and you should research a bit to find the right one for you. If you are a real on-the-go shooter then you must make sure also that you get a double trigger which can help prevent searching and fumbling in the heat of battle..

The Autococker is right for you as long as you can keep it clean and keep it oiled, but also if you do not tinker with it too much. Should you like to upgrade and baby your paintball guns then the Autococker may not be for you. There can also be some issue with the timer on these guns, and you should make sure that if you get the timing altered a professional in a specialist paintball shop does it.

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