Angel Paintball Gun

When should I buy an Angel paintball gun?

Should you have a paintball playing style that involves a lot of running around and crouching then you will like the high-end line of paintball guns by Angel, which have been designed especially for performance. There is a large selection of Angel products available, so our advice to you is to browse the internet to get the best one you can.

The Angel speed gun is designed to shoot balls as quickly as possible, in fact you can fire them at about 30 balls per second of use and this can work harmoniously with the loader. There are many different battle plans available in paintball, and if yours calls for a lot of ambushing of the enemy then the Angel speed is worth a look. There is a popular strategy used by experts called the sprint-and-crouch. This requires a very reliable weapon that will not jam up and fires very quickly. The Angel Speed is designed to work harmoniously with the paintball loader.

Angel paintball equipment is not usefully for the faint-hearted, and you should find out what your won style of play is before choosing one. For instance, there is a professional calibre paintball marker available called the Angel 4. This paintball gun features the latest technology, will not jam and weighs less than 2.5 pounds. Should you have an aggressive style of play then you would have trouble finding a better weapon. It comes equipped with just about every piece of technology you would want, and is very easy to maintain with the help of the readouts that it provides on a variety of factors such as the current pressure reading.

We should point out though that we do not feel that Angel products are for all types of paintball players. Should you be a beginner, you will have better luck buying brand names like Brass Eagle and Spyder who concentrate on making equipment for the new player instead of experienced ones. There are also companies who cater for those who like to hide out in the bushes and pick their shots carefully - known as "snipers". This is something that would be better served by the Impulse gun from Smart Parts.

But when you have decided that you want to take your sport to the nest level then you could do a lot worse than check out the Angel paintball marker. They make their weapons with performance in mind, not for the beginner so this is brand that is worth a look, from the lightweight Angel 4 to the Angel Speed. At the top level, very little things can make all the difference, and you may find that Angel paintball guns offer those little things just when you need them.

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