Paintball Accessories

How do I find the right paintball accessory?

Every paintball player dreams of finding a good reliable source of paintball guns and accessories. Yet these resources are few and far between, so you need a bit of advanced knowledge to be able to find them. Before you take the step of actually buying paintball accessories though you need to look at equipment from many different brands. This is more likely to happen if you go to an experienced paintball outlet, either at a specialist store or on the web. You also need to understand your skill level and your style of play.

There are three types of skill level for paintballers. They could be a novice, an intermediate player or a tournament player. If you are a beginner, then you probably do not need to start with the most expensive equipment and accessories. You just need a gun that works and shoots, and also a mask that protects you in the right places, and air that makes the guns propel the balls in the right direction, and some overalls that you don't mind getting very dirty.

Should you be more of an advanced paintballer, there is much more of a choice available to you and the amount, type and standard of paintball accessory that you get can make all the difference. Here, you can have many different types of guns, with different sizes of barrel and air supply and you can also tinker with your mask and the clothing that your wear too. You also need to have the right paintballs for the equipment that you have.

Once you get into tournament level paintball, you will begin to work out what kind of player you are. There are really two player types. One is the run-and-shoot and the other is the crouch-and-snipe. The player type you will influence the type of gun and the type of paintball accessory you buy.

For instance, if you like to run around and open fire on concentrations of the enemy then you have to make sure that you have a lightweight gun which will not jam up and your accessories need to be lightweight too. This gives you a good choice of brands, such as Angel and Spyder.

For people who like to hide behind a barrier and take pot-shots at the enemy, which is called sniping. This gives them a need for a different type of weapon, in that its not so important to have lightweight equipment, but you need to have sufficient supplies to be able to carry out whatever task you have. So you need a barrel measuring over a foot, and, since distance is factored into all of your shots, velocity control is very important too.

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