All Your Paintballing Needs

Have you just started playing paintball?

Are you looking for your first paintball marker? Is this the first time that you are looking at buying paintball gear? If so then its worth having a read through this site. We look at all different types of paintball equipment, cover many of the most famous brands of paintball guns. We also run you through paintball accessories and some paintball games for you to play, whilst also making you aware of important issues such as safety and what to look for when you go to a paintball field. We also cover paintball tactics, giving advice for people who like to play the two different styles of game - the attacking runner and the stealthy sniper.

First thing you might want to do is to select the right paintball gun, otherwise called marker - for reasons that we shall cover when we talk about how the first paintball gun came about. When you are choosing a paintball gun, you need to determine your level of skill, and your usage, as well as finding the right pressure system - in terms of whether you want carbon dioxide or high-pressure air. Then you need to make sure that you have the right accessories.

When we talk about paintball accessories we are thinking of protective gear such as the pads to wear, and your vest and your eye protection. We are also talking about paint - which we look at and can judge in terms of the diameter of the paintballs, their colour and their freshness.

We also take a look at paintball stores, which is basically a section about where you can buy paintball equipment. There are quite a few specialist paintball stores around and you can probably find them by looking on the internet or in a phone directory, then you can also get some paintball equipment in general sports stores and you should generally be able to find some paintball equipment to buy at your nearest paintball field. We also look at paintball stores on the internet, in terms of how to use them and how to make use of the information you can get from them. Essentially we show you how to search for the best prices on the internet and then use them to get a good deal from your local store. Yes, it seems like cheating, but after all, maybe you want to support your local business whilst not having to pay the prices required, and you can probably do that with good negotiation skills.

We also look at some paintball games and tactics and tell you what to look for in a good paintball field, concentrating particularly on safety.

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