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Hammock Swings

Imagine yourself on a soft, cushioned hammock swing chair, sitting outdoors on a warm summer's day, sipping a cocktail and gently swinging backwards and forwards on the stand. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? And that is exactly why hammock swings have become so popular. Not only do they offer more comfort than regular hammocks and chairs, thanks to more padding in the seat, but and you can even buy them to accommodate two people...what could be more romantic?!

Most swings are made with linen, nylon or cotton, which are all really easy to keep clean and are therefore perfect for porches and gardens. If you are planning to hang the swing outdoors, you might be interested to know that you can even buy a special canopy to fit over the hammock to protect you from the sun or the rain.

They are available in lots of different colors and styles, and can either be hung from an existing anchor point, like a tree or supporting beam, or can be used with a stand. One of the key advantages the hammock swing has over regular hammocks is that it only requires one hanging point, not two.

It is obviously important that, wherever you choose to hang your hammock, you have room to swing, so make sure you check the space available before making your purchase. Manufacturers usually recommend a hanging height of between six to eight feet, so you shouldn't find that you have too much of a problem finding a suitable location.



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