Hammock Stands - Wood or Steel?

Types available

Roman Arc Hammock Stand from  thehammocksource.com

A hammock stand is the perfect solution, whether wood or steel, if you haven't got anywhere obvious to hang your hammock chair from - or you are unsure of whether it is strong enough.

It also means that you can move your hammock around without having to dismantle the whole thing, perfect if it starts raining or you want to get out of the sun for a while.

There are three major variations of stands - those made of wood, those made of stainless steel, and those made of steel. All three materials offer strength and support, so it is largely down to personal taste which one you choose.

If your hammock is going to be kept outdoors, a stainless steel stand might be worth investing in, as it will resist rust and weather-wear very successfully. Despite this, wooden stands are extremely durable when kept outside, and their classic appearance can look exceptionally beautiful. Any metal components of the frame are also likely to be rust proof, and wooden stands tend to be able to withstand a greater load than other types, and so are a good choice for larger people or if you're willing to share with someone else!

Steel Hammock Stand: Hammock from www.thehammocksource.com
Steel hammocks may not be quite as strong or as resistant to the elements as the other two varieties, but they are inexpensive and amazingly easy to put together. So if your hammock is not going to be exposed to too much bad weather, and is not going to have to support too much weight, a steel hammock is ideal. They are also available in a selection of colors and styles, which allows you to create an individual look, especially useful if you are trying to integrate your hammock into a color scheme inside your home.

Whichever material you go for, always make sure the stand you purchase is a suitable size and brand for your hammock sling.





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