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The Pawley's Island Hammocks brand is the original and many say the best kind around, making it a favorite amongst the rich and famous for hammock swing, ropes, and stands. Their shops are renowned for their excellent quality, and this excellence was recognized recently when the company won the National Association of Casual Furniture's award for Manufacturer of the Year.

Pawley's Island hammocks have been around for over a century. The original design was invented in 1889 by a riverboat captain by the name of Joshua John Ward. Captain Wood had been employed to transport rice around the coast of South Carolina , and one day decided to take a well earned rest on his boat by creating a bed made of some cotton rope that happened to be lying around. Until then he would most likely have slept on a grass-filled mattress like the other workers, but these mattresses would have been very unpleasant in the intense summer heat. Although Wood's initial design was basic, with simple wooden spreaders to separate the rope, the bed was remarkably comfortable and the Pawley's Island Hammock was born.

The design has changed a little since then, with new materials being used to strengthen and improve the cotton rope design, but seasoned Carolina red oak is still used to make the stretcher bars. The oak is first of all softened with steam to allow it to be bent into shape, then holes are carefully drilled to ensure that the rope is spread evenly for maximum comfort, and then the whole thing is sanded and expertly varnished.

The actual body of the hammock is still hand-woven in the Pawley's Island weaving room. It is then fed through the drilled holes in the spreader bar and secured with traditional nautical knots. The finishing touch is the famous Pawley's Island metal tag, a brass plate fixed to the spreader bar depicting the company's famous logo.






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