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The Mayan hammock is made in Yucatan, Mexico, and gets its name from the Mayan Indians who once inhabited the area. This type of hammock is made of cotton and nylon, and comes in a vast array of colors and designs, all as individual and unique as the people that made them.

All materials are hand-woven. The sling is made with cotton string, and the ends with nylon string. The hammock has a very low centre of gravity, due to having no spreader bars and therefore fewer hanging points. Despite this, these hammocks are one of the strongest designs on the market today. They are also extremely comfortable. Because the cords are made from cotton they stretch around your body and will feel extremely soft and luxurious - the result is a hammock that completely encases you, giving you a feeling of total comfort and weightlessness.

If you are planning to use your hammock outdoors, a mayan hammock offers great protection against the elements. This is due to the distinctive way the material is interwoven, which means it is virtually impenetrable. This strong weave also means that the hammock is unlikely to snag or tear. However if this does happen it is such a rarity that Mayan will repair the product for you free of charge.












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