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Hatteras Hammocks first came about in 1971 by Walter Perkins Jnr who, after selling hammocks he had brought back from business trips to his local neighborhood, decided to go one step further. These swings, in single or double, are about the best quality hammocks you will ever find.

Walter Perkins Jr improved the quality of the hammocks he had bought by strengthening the ropes and generally making the whole thing more comfortable, resulting in a product that was so popular that fifteen years on he had become the most successful hammock manufacturer on the planet!

These hammocks may be relatively expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for. The wooden spreaders are made with the best oak, and the rope that is used is a specially-made combination of cotton and polyester. Hammocks designed for outdoor-use are made with a tough acrylic fabric.

In addition to its enormous hammock range, the company now makes hammock stands, chairs, porch swings and a variety of accessories, all of excellent quality. All Hatteras products carry the famous logo, which is actually burnt into the wood of the oak spreader bar on its hammocks.

Hatteras are often compared to Pawley's Island. Whilst the two brands are very similar in terms of quality and size, using the same materials (spreaders made of solid oak using three-ply rope in a choice of cotton or polyester), and are actually both now manufactured in Greenville, North Carolina by The Hammock Source, there are a few slight distinctions. For example, Pawley's Island use a curved oak spreader bar, whilst Hatteras have a straighter bar. There are also subtle differences in each brand's loveseat swings, with the curved lines of the Hatteras swing and stand contrasting with the straight lines of the Pawleys Island design.

Despite these small differences, the width and length of your hammock will be standard regardless of which brand you choose (unless, of course, you have ordered a custom-made version).




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