Hanging Hammock Chairs

Hammock Hanging guide

No matter where you are intending on hanging your hammock chair, whether from your bedroom ceiling, or outdoors from a tree - no matter what you use the hammock for, from lazing on your deck to camping in the great outdoors, there are so many hammocks on the market that you shouldn't have any problems finding the right one for you.

The key to getting the most comfort out of your hammock is to hang it properly, and this is all down to finding the right hanging point.


You can hang a hammock from anything, as long as you are confident it can support the weight of the hammock and its contents (that means you!). If you are unsure of how to hang the hammock, kits are available to help you.

Hanging from a tree is more straight-forward, and one of the more obvious places to hang a hammock chair. The tree should be in good condition without cracks or any sign of rot, and as a general rule of thumb, should be at least one foot (twelve inches) in diameter. Anything smaller may not provide the support you need.

If hanging from a port or beam, make sure the wood is hardwood and has been treated against rot and moisture. The post needs to be set into a hole that is at least two feet deep and surrounded with cement which has been allowed to dry for a minimum of two days.

If you are in any doubt, remember that hammock stands are widely available and relatively inexpensive and give you the option of changing the location of your hammock with minimum fuss.







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