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Beach hammocks are great for relaxing on the beach, listening to the waves lapping against the shore, reading a book or watching the sun set. What could be better?

You can use any type of hammock at the beach, but over a period of time they will become weather-worn. To avoid this, choose a hammock that is specially designed for use at the beach, using durable cottons or coated polyester which will not become damaged by the salty sea air, salt or excessive sunshine.

Beach hammocks also tend to come in colors that are much more in tune with beach life - bright whites and beautiful pastel shades for the understated look, or vivid reds and yellows for a fun, lively look for your summer vacation.

Relaxing in a beach hammock has its benefits too. No more lying on uneven sand; instead the sling will hold and support the shape of your body. And no more sand being kicked all over you every time the wind blows or joggers and children run by, instead you are protected because you are above ground-level and nicely sheltered inside the walls of the hammock.

If taking a full-size hammock down to the beach is not your style, you might prefer a deck-chair hammock. These small, portable, light-weight hammocks look just like old-fashioned stripes deck chairs, but give you the comfort of other hammock and are also much more resistant to the intensive sea air. You can even purchase a portable hammock stand if you prefer not to hang your chair from one of the palm trees.












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