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When it comes to outdoor hammocks, whether chairs or swings, the simplest designs are always the best - such as Hatteras and Pawleys Island's infamous products.

Hammocks have been around for over a thousand years, and were first introduced in South America by the Mayans of Yucatan, Mexico, whose design was so comfortable and so beautiful that it is still produced even today.

Canvas hammocks have been used by the armed forces for some time now, but the product didn't take off in a commercial sense until a riverboat captain by the name of Joshua John Ward designed America 's first rope hammock in South Carolina in 1889.

There are many different types of hammock, but they generally fall into three categories: rope, string and fabric. All three have their own advantages, and it is very much down to personal taste as to which one you choose. These different materials are used to create all kinds of wonderful designs, from the traditional hammock to reclining chairs and double-seated swings, all available in wonderful colors and patterns.

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Nowadays outdoor hammocks are not only used for relaxing on the beach or in the backyard, but are even becoming an increasingly popular item of furniture for inside the home. They can easily be hung from a wall or ceiling, but hammock stands are a relatively inexpensive alternative if you prefer the option of moving the hammock around. Campers and hikers are starting to realize their benefits too, because they are much easier to carry than tents and other camping equipment, and are very easy to put up even in the dark.

There are lots of brands on the market, some more popular than others, some more expensive than others. When buying your hammock, bear in mind the following four factors which each contribute to the overall quality and comfort of the item: wood quality, rope quality, hardware and the finish and appearance.

Guide4Home is designed to provide advice and information on all aspects of purchasing and looking after your hammock. Within this website you will find lots of useful information, from details of different designs and brands to useful money-saving tips and hanging instructions - all you'll ever need to know about hammocks in one place!

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