What's the most important variable in women's golf clubs?

There is probably no more influential consideration regarding women's golf clubs than the weight of the clubs. Let's face it, even the most ardent feminist would admit that women tend to be smaller and lighter and have less in terms of physical strength than men in general. This means that their requirements in terms of the weight of their clubs are a bit unique.

It is probably true that too many women are now playing with clubs which are too heavy to suit them. This can cause problems with control and distance. Yet how would you know what the best weight of club is for you as a female?

Well, think about the clubs that you have right now. How heavy are they? Do you find that they are becoming harder to swing as the round draws to an end? Do they have enough weight to keep your swing in balance? When you swing the club, can you "feel the head"? Have you even given any thought to it? Well, now you should, because weight has a massive effect on your swing, on your accuracy and also how tied you are feeling once your round is finished.

There are two types of weight on a golf club, the swingweight and the total weight. The swingweight compares the weight that resides in the grip end of the club with the weight that resides in the head of the club. This is measured in letters and numbers. So some women's golf clubs have a swingweight of C6 or C7. The higher the letter and number the more weight there is in the club's head. So C8 weighs more than C6 and D2 is even heavier. More swingweight is when the head feels heavier in comparison to the grip. Ladies clubs are falling between C3 and C9, whilst men's clubs tend to be around the mid-Ds.

Total weight is called overall weight and static weight, and is quite simply what it weighs in grams or ounces. This is measured by the same scale of letters and numbers as swingweight is. The heavier the total weight, the more difficult the club would be to swing. That is not to say that women shouldn't use heavier clubs. Stronger women who have swings that are faster than average can be helped by the heavier clubs which slow down the swing. But lighter clubs help less strong people to swing the club faster potentially putting the distance achieved up.

However, whilst lighter clubs allow faster swings you have to be able to pace that swing smoothly or accuracy would suffer. You would also lose feel in your swing. The best way to do find out your right weight is through trial and error.

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