What are Titliest Golf Clubs?

If you have every played golf, you are likely to have heard of Titliest. Why? Because even beginners need to use golf balls, and normally buy a bunch of used golf balls - which are normally balls that have been found, either in the rough, or lakes or forests and sold to golf shops or companies who can process them and sell them. Since the most used golf ball in the world is the Titliest, you'll find that a lot of used golf balls are Titliest balls, as it stands to reason that the most lost ball will be Titliest balls.

As for new balls, you'll find that almost every event on the PGA tour will be won by someone using a Titliest ball, so ubiquitous are they. Yes, there are Callaway balls and Nike do a premium golf ball. But you can't really go wrong with a Titiliest balata golf ball. Titliest also do hard two-piece balls for all standards of golfer.

However, Titliest do not just produce golf balls, they also produce golf clubs. They are taken notice of due to the brand name they hold. People will think that if they make golf balls of such high quality then their clubs are worth a look as well.

Before we start looking at the driver, we ought to point out that Titliest are part of the Acushnet Company. This means that they produce their equipment for golfers alongside Cobra and Footjoy. Now, Footjoy specialises in golf shoes and golf gloves, and Cobra specialises in drivers, whilst Titliest really specialises in golf balls. This is how Acushnet have covered the golf market. So no Titliest golf club can claim to be at the top of the market. Or at least that was the case, until Scotty Cameron came along..

Titliest sell drivers under the brand name of 983, and say that the clubs are a blend of engineering, technology and design craftsmanship. The fairway woods are made under the 980 brand, and have been built to the same standards as the drivers. Titliest have recently brought out new irons, the stainless and forged 804.OS and 704.CB irons. Their irons are used quite a lot on the PGA tour. They sell Vokey Black Nickel wedges, which are given a soft yet solid feel by the colored chrome plating.

But the day that the people at Titliest came across Scotty Cameron is the day that they shall bless for a long time yet. Scotty Cameron produced putters that are distinguishable by the satin buff, silver finish, their unique sole graphics as well as the Studio Design grip. Titliest bought the Scotty Cameron brand, and now their putters are one of the most used on the PGA tour.

Click here for the www.titliest.com website.

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