What are Nike Golf Clubs?

Nike introduced their first line of drivers, forged irons and wedges into the worldwide golfing market. They tried to project their brand values onto their golf equipment so that not only would the world sit up and note the fact that they had put out golf clubs (which of course the world did), but also that the best players in the world would use them. They have a traditional muscleback design and a lustrous silver finish.

In 2001, they hired David Duval, one of the top players in the world at the time, to work with them as a player rep. Tom Stites came on board as the club designer. Stites had cut his teeth as the designer for Ben Hogan Golf Clubs, which would mean that he was used to producing work of the highest quality, as Hogan wouldn't have accepted any less. This meant that there would be little amount of questioning of their quality when they came onto the market..

The Nike drivers are built using a forged process. They use titanium heads, and have made drivers in many different sizes, from the mid-size 275cc model to the larger 350cc model and has gone even more oversize in the market with their 400cc model. But it's worth going back to the beginning of Nike's existence to find out why people put so much store in that famous swoosh.

According to Greek mythology, the winged goddess signifying victory was called Nike. In Olympus , she sat beside Zeus. When Greeks went to battle and won they would attribute it to Nike's power. This meant that Nike became synonymous with what is called honoured conquest.

The swoosh was created by Caroline Davidson in 1971. Phil Knight used to teach accounting at Portland State University . He had a company called Nike and he wanted Caroline to design a logo to represent the wing of the aforementioned Greek Goddess. It cost Knight £35.00 and he could produce his first shoe in 1972.

The first shoe was distributed from the trunk of Knight's car, and was made in response to the need for Oregon runners to have a racing show that was more durable, which arrived in conjunction with Knight wanting to make a living from his love of track and field. He found a source of high-quality and low cost shoes in Japan at the Tiger Shoe Company.

So, Nike is not a manufacturing company. They are a marketing organization. They have a track record of producing these high quality products which are aspirational to the status conscious consumer. This is why it is worth you seeing what Nike's golf clubs have to offer you, they are very unlikely to come up with a duff product.

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