What are Mizuno Golf Clubs?

Mizuno Corporation is the largest manufacturer of sporting goods in the world. It was founded in 1906, but didn't establish operations in the U.S. until 1982. It now manufactures, in Norcross Georgia , equipment for baseball, golf, running and track & field for the USA market. In the international market it also makes volleyball equipment, footwear and apparel for the international markets. It can be said that from the ballparks of the little league to the 18 th green of major championship golf courses, there is a tradition of expert craftsmanship using cutting-edge technology that is providing athletic equipment of high quality to serious athletes around the world.

On the golf course you can count on Mizuno products to be of high quality and produce great performance. For eight consecutive years Mizuno irons have been played by more golfers than any other club on the PGA Tour. This is also reflected in baseball - where generations of athletes have enjoyed the craftsmanship and performance of Mizuno products. Runners' World have put Mizuno's running equipment as one of their Editor's Choices. Mizuno have made technological breakthroughs, grassroots promotions and event sponsorships in volleyball which has really helped to advance the sport.

People at the top of their sports are using Mizuno's products. So, the silver medal of the 110m hurdles at the 2000 Sydney Olympics was won by Terrence Trammell wearing Mizuno running shoes. The 1999 National League MVP was won by Chipper Jones, who played for the Atlanta Braves and used Mizuno's baseball equipment. In January 2001, the USA volleyball team signed a sponsorship deal with Mizuno for the supply of footwear and apparel at all levels.

In golf, 1,182 Mizuno golf iron sets were used on the PGA Tour during the year of 2000. This was more than any brand, and golfers using Mizuno irons earned over $17 million. Why should that be? Professional golfers get sponsorship offers all the time. This means that they rarely have to pay for their golf clubs and can thus play any golf clubs that they want. Yet they seem to come back to Mizuno a great deal. Yes, there are a great variety of drivers used, and we can't say that Mizuno drivers are the most renowned in the world, but their irons are different. Pros need their irons to be reliable and to hit straight where they want them to and get the spin that they want.

This is perhaps the result of the Grain Flow process of forging club heads and the T-ZOID club head design. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that Mizuno is up there as the pre-eminent producer of irons, and other manufacturers need to aim at their quality.

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